2020 Campo Verde Golf Towel

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Campo Verde Players Golf Towel

Everything will be delivered to practices.

You can take your game to a new level with the official Cart Barn guys Players Towels.

They start with a thin, microfiber towel that traps more than 300 times its weight in water and then offer it in several Cart barn Guys styles.

Each towel offers a generous 22" x 40" of protection from moisture and debris. The 3" putter slit allows the towel to be stored in easy reach for access when it's needed.

The Players Towel is the best sports towel for any athlete! Our unique designs and and cutting edge fabric technology work for any sport. If you're in the market for a unique, monogrammed tennis towel, or you need to control sweat while you're on the basketball court or in the bowling alley, our designs provide the right look with the power to control sweat and grime through your entire game.

White Microfiber Players Towel with White Trim
Large Size 22" X 40"
Machine Washable

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